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We direct your business to the path of prosperity! Techefy has determined to work with sincerity for the profit of our clients but not merely ours. We hold on to innovative ideas and mind-blowing strategies while we deal with every customer. Each client is a new one to us, and so we treat each with special care.
About US
Techefy stands as a unique and prominent company in the industry. Our goal is to equip our clients, experienced professionals, and budding employees with futuristic technologies. We work on the requirements of various clients in collaboration with our innovative team. Indeed, we go for idiosyncratic strategies to resolve our client's issues.
What Techefy proffers you?
UI/UX Design
The User Interface Design focuses on building interfaces in the computerized designs to enhance an application's style and look. Techefy will help you to plan accordingly.
App Development
Tailor-made applications fit up the requirements of clients. For any consultation regarding the app, Techefy stands on your side.
Web Development
Are you searching to develop your business online? Lean on to Techefy, acquire what you need.
QA Testing
Techefy audits software and multi-stage testing. To ensure the software works to pull in gain and not lose with your work.
Dedicated Team
Techefy works on being dedicated and connected to help you in every planning or consultation.
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Data Centre and Networking
The data centre centralizes a particular organization's operations based on IT applications. Here is where the applications and data are stored, processed, and disseminated. Data centres are requisite for every organization, as they house their critical and personal assets. The information in the data centres and their security are considered the company's top priority.
Most data centres are denoted as a singular unit. But is a collection of multiple technical elements. Grouping all into just three categories:
Storage - Every organization's prominent data is housed in its data centre. Either in a tape or a solid-state drive with multiple back-ups.
Networking - Forms the interconnection within the data centre components and also with the world. These include switches, routers, delivery controls for applications, and more.
Compute - High-end server's processing power and memory are utilized to run specific applications.
Cloud Service Implementation and Migration
Developing technologies and modern businesses have perpetually propelled each other. Cloud technologies have stayed prominent throughout the enhancement of industrial growth. And have been in further growth, leading to a competitive edge. Technology on-demand, agility, and rapid development form the crucial part in organization gain with migrating to the cloud technology. Simply migrating the applications and data into the cloud isn't enough.
The company's journey with cloud technology will stay open-ended. Well, the journey certainly demands management, innovative study on infrastructures, and implementation. Clear Cloud implementation strategies can help in the successful adoption of cloud technology. The cloud implementation strategies have to pave an outline for the continuous advancement of the industry. Plus, the strategies have to address the unique opportunities and imperatives of business. Cloud migration stays prominent in building the infrastructure.
Cloud Migration Service
Cloud Migration specifies the process of migrating IT resources or data from legacy infrastructure to the cloud. Also, it refers to migrating tools and data from one cloud to another. With cloud service, you can attain limitless access to computer resources virtually. Cloud has distinct types - Private cloud, Public cloud, and hybrid cloud.
Private Cloud - The cloud resource is owned and utilized by a single organization. Provides maximum control and thus desirable by the financial industries or government to adopt Private cloud. Providers include Oracle, Dell, IBM, and HPE.
Public Cloud - The cloud service is run and owned by the cloud service providers. The service is either a free or paid version: examples Amazon`Web Service, Azure, and GCP.
Hybrid Cloud - The combination of Public Cloud and Private Cloud marks the Hybrid Cloud. Plus, it allows resource transfer within the Private and Public cloud or vice versa.
Focusing on Public Cloud, let's jump into AWS, Azure, and GCP's elaborative view.
Amazon Web Service (AWS)
The easy-to-use platform is a combination of the Platform as a service (PAAS), Packed Software as a Service (SAAS), and Infrastructure as a service (IAAS). Offers a distinct range of global-based business purpose projects. That includes networking, developing tools, storage, database, analytics, enterprise application, and pay-as-you-go model.
With Amazon Web Service, cloud access is immediately offering limitless capacity. Easy add and Easy remove capability! Offers no strict long-term commitments but merely opt for pay

A Printing Kart

Online Indian Digital Printing Superstore - A Printing Kart Welcomes You At A Printing Kart, an online store, you can efficiently design your face masks, mobile cases, pillows, T-shirts, posters, badges, visiting cards and much more. Don’t bore yourself with the old and unpleasant stuff. Instead, be a star amidst others by utilizing products designed by you and printed by us. So are you ready to start designing any stuff with A Printing Kart.
Individualize Anything and Everything with A Printing Kart
Conveniently get your texts or pictures printed in High-definition on any product you choose. Make it done with A Printing kart with high cutting-edge technology. The product ranges from phone cases to T-shirts. Personalize anything with A Printing Kart and customize daily objects.
Get High-Quality Personalized Printed Products Online in India Find numerous products available in A Printing Kart, almost 1000+. Choose the best ones that suit your purpose and start designing on them. Starting with the mobile cases, yes, there are 900+ cases for every newly released smartphone model. The case materially differs, which includes hard case, transparent case and soft case. All of these can be customized with texts, images or more.
Stepping to the mugs section, A Printing Kart presents to you a distinct range of mugs. It includes coloured mugs like Magic Mug, Red Mug, Black Mug, White Mug, Transparent Mug, etc. Magic Mug is a colour changing mug, its colour changes as you pour hot liquid into it. When it happens, the mug reveals its printed design.
T-shirts offered by us are of polyester, dry fit and cotton materials. Almost 10+ colours, so choose the one that you like. The T-shirts are completely washable and can be worn every day. Any design can be incorporated, texts or image; you're the designer.
Also, we give you a chance to design your keychain, pillow, cushion, shot glasses and more. A Printing Kart employs sublimation, UV Printing, DTG and more. Posters also can be printed on any paper sheet A2, A3 and A4. Photo canvas can be printed in portrait, landscape and even in a square orientation. We print card decks too.
Shop Online Easily to get Mind Blowing Printed Products
Bring your creativity in designing your products, and we will print it on the product for you. And then we’ll ship it to your address. You can pay for the product via any payment. Yes, we allow Cash On Delivery (COD) too.
A Printing Kart, an Indian online store, provides you with something that enhances the joy in your heart. Yes, we provide you with the opportunity to design your product. Any product that includes Fridge magnets, Posters, Photo frames, T-shirts, Key chains, Mugs and much more. The best printing techniques are employed to provide you with high-quality products.
Best Printing Techniques:
We use high-quality printers and unique techniques to provide you with amazing printed products.
Super-Fast Shipping:
Every order will be dispatched within 2-4 Business working days. It’ll arrive faster than you think.
We Aim for Your happiness:
Every product is checked before proceeding with shipment. If we find a flawed product, we’ll replace it right away. Thus, we send you the best ones for you.
Policy of Email
A Printing Kart collects and stores the customer's personal information, provided to the site. The main goal to store such information is to provide our customers with a smooth, efficient and customized experience. It allows us to provide features and services that exactly meet your requirements, and also it helps to customize our site, provide a safer user experience.
The collected information of customers helps A Printing Kart to improve the digital shopping experience at our website. The information helps us prevent or defend frauds on websites, and also it helps to improve our platform. Additionally, your information enables third parties to carry on logical and technical functions.
We only recommend adults to use the website, and any minor entering the site must be under their guardians' supervision. The customers are responsible by themselves for maintaining confidential details, like login credentials. Also, the customers have to take responsibility for any activity occurring with their login credential. For better, make sure that the information provided is not proprietary or confidential. And also, it must not infringe any third-party rights in any manner.
We declare that our organization has the rights to terminate or refuse any of your accounts without any notice in case of any violation of terms. A Printing Kart will maintain the information you provided according to the company's privacy policy.
When an order for a particular product is placed on the A Printing Kart website, the customer can opt for email updates to receive every update regarding the order. All information, from success payment to checkout and out for delivery details will be updated via mail.

Khana Gee

About Us
Khanagee is a website that provides food distribution services of delicious home-cooked meals at your doorstep. Khanagee is a newly established venture by a talented home cook, Amrapali Guha, with the support of her husband and family. It provides a simple way to order food from her own kitchen online. Her goal is to bring the best of her home-cooked meals to your doorstep. Khanagee delivers food to consumers quickly and reliably, no matter where they are. Khanagee is dedicated to providing you with new, organic, and hygienic meals from the kitchen to your dining table.
Khanagee values your time, and the delivery services are available to assist you at any time and location within the city limits. Khanagee serves modern foods such as ethnic Indian cuisine, Continental cuisine, Tandoori & Mughlai cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, and different types of baked and confectionery food items.  Khanagee also serves healthy and nutritious meals for people suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, or even cancer. You can order your preferred menu from the kitchen in and around Kolkata simply by sitting in the comfort of your home. It's so easy to order that anybody will be able to do it.
We don't just mean decent food when we say good. We also refer to the goodness that comes from eating well- a good burp, a good memory, a good temper, a good day. And we understand that as our food exits our kitchens, we are responsible for all of this. This faith in goodness is gratifying. Have a look at our services and give us the opportunity to be at your service.
Our lives have made us urban nomads who live an entirely digital life! And one thing we've discovered over the course of this evolution is that we can get whatever we want or need with only a few clicks on our favorite smart devices. Also, food - all sorts of it - to satisfy our various cravings on various days of the week. It's truly a time when there's plenty for everybody, whether they're consumers or providers.
So whether it’s a lazy day at home or you are hosting a fun party, you can trust Khanagee to serve you delicious meals every time. Our modern take on traditional dishes and a wide range of options to choose from will help you find what you are looking for. Everything cooked here is completely fresh and healthy. Khanagee team take care of all safety measures while cooking and delivering your order. With us, you do not have to worry about quality. Khanagee assures that the food is the best in quality at the most affordable prices.
Our Mission
We have started our food delivery service with the mission to impart the warmth of a delicious home-cooked meal to all food lovers. Khanagee is the brainchild of the founder, Amrapali Guha, and her husband, who have developed this platform to serve people from all walks of love and spread the joy of good food.
Our Vision
Khanagee has a goal of serving healthy and tasty food to all the food-loving people. We work with the aim of reaching all food enthusiasts with our unique dishes that will surely stir up an appetite!
Contact Us
For any further details, you can drop a mail at or contact us at 9163461691. We will be happy to help you with your queries!

Green Computing for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects everything in this smart world. Therefore, the innovative use of IoT energy is an interesting and interesting research area.. A green Internet of Things has been proposed, augmented by energy efficient IoT solutions. This article provides an overview of the green Internet of Things. He also described the “green” model of life in the Internet of Things as follows: B. Green design, green creativity, green use and green reuse. You will also learn about innovative technologies in the Internet of Things such as green labels, green tracking networks, and the development of green networks. In addition, the results of a study on the Internet of Things 5G and the Internet of Things in green urban areas were published. Finally, we point to future directions and unanswered research questions related to the green Internet of Things.
The Internet of Things (IoT) will become an integral part of today's mobile networks. The Internet of Things can have its own network and functions. In addition, the Internet of Things can be used as a valuable governing body for expanding mobile infrastructure. After all, the Internet of Things is having a huge impact on communications and capture applications. For intense urban activity, the Internet of Things requires multiple sensors in a large practical network. This is great advice from both managers and salespeople. In the long term, operating expenses (OPEX) must also take into account the overall efficiency of the IoT. To be honest, long-term OPEX is more than just a major investment. Therefore, it is necessary to promote environmentally friendly activities and energy production standards as much as possible. Distributed computers are an attractive environment that brings computing power to the Internet of Things (IoT). However, due to the large distance between the cloud and IoT devices, high hibernation is a problem for decentralized computers. Information from IoT devices takes a long time to prepare and study cloud weather. In addition, as the number of IoT devices increases, so does the amount of information generated. Low inertia is a fundamental component of comprehensive measures to record information flowing into IoT devices. In this respect, handheld calculators seem to offer light computing power and a temporary lighting inventory.
Components of IoT:
1) Cloud / Server: moves discovered information to it. At this stage, information can be displayed in real applications or other subsystems. This image shows different parts of the Internet of Things.
 2) Sensors. Sensors are small devices that can pick up certain information, such as temperature, movement, humidity, vibration, and light.
3) IoT Gateway / Hub: To manage or configure information from multiple sensors, you will need a controller or a small toolbox in this area.
How it doesn't work
To handle a lot of information and traffic, IoT can create lasting relationships between devices that can be used physically, sequentially, or remotely. This can reduce production costs and waste. As you can see, it shows how IoT works and is suitable for environmental applications. This figure shows a cloud-connected mapping pivot point that provides row information.
Green Internet of things:
The Internet of Things (IoT) includes the long-awaited evolution of network usage and the number of network hubs in the future. Therefore, in order to fulfill all business components, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of resources and energy in this activity. Energy is a technology of consistently high quality, green IoT and smart global execution. To create an intelligent and sustainable world, the Internet of Things must be expressed in terms of energy efficiency to reduce the environmental impact of sensors, devices, applications and controls, and carbon dioxide (CO2). Green innovation and the IoT energy efficiency cycle is a well-researched area focused on asset improvement. Work is underway to improve the energy efficiency of the Internet of Things. Ensuring green IoT livelihoods that take into account green planning, green production, green use and ultimately the disposal and reuse of green makes the term green meaningless or ineffective: B. Survey and Test Configuration. And plan. Employees connected to any subsystem can have a limited impact on the climate, be competent and practical. This subsystem can include monitors, storage devices, associated frames, and printers. It can also be defined as energy efficiency that helps reduce the greenhouse effect. This covers a wide range of areas from creation to planning and then from reuse to reuse that has a significant impact on nature. We From the perspective of energy consumption, we will strengthen the green community and provide various spaces such as smart environment, mobile e-health service, smart urban area, and smart grid. This image shows a green IoT lifestyle that reflects the concept of having little

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