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six years with immensely talented professionals from the field of information technology and with a primary goal of serving our clients and giving our best for the most prominent outcome. We perform services like Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Animation, Video Editing, Content Writing, Digital Marketing and also are specialised in training the newcomers in the fields mentioned above.

We believe firmly in helping out clients and solving the problems even after the assignment is completed. We are looking forward to expanding our business of media and entertainment to a greater extent. Also our professionals have a creative vision and can imply the messages of our client in any form to the audience, we have expertise in that. Whether it be editing a video, designing a client’s website, making a graphic design for a poster, using social media as a platform for advertisement or writing content we can do it all in a top notch manner.

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What We Actually Do

Picasso multimedia basically works on the ideas of their client, gives it a creative Outlook and delineates it.

Our mission :
Training new talent in a professional manner and serving our clients in a more effective and efficient way.
Our vision:
Adapting to the evolving technology and using that for the best outcome.
Our strategy:
The ultimate business strategy of Picasso multimedia is client satisfaction.

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Graphic Design 98%
Website Design 95%
Animation 85%
Video Editing 97%
Content Writing 96%
Social Media Marketing 90%