Read all the terms and conditions carefully. They are under the regulation by and force of Picasso Multimedia. This statement is a legally influenced agreement applicable to all the users of the website.


All the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement are to be accepted by the company and customer. All particulars are necessary to be followed by both the parties as mentioned in the agreement.

Void of the agreement clause may lead to further legal actions stated by the law. Picasso Multimedia is a separate identity by the law with copyrights. Hence is restricted for the users for copy, recreation, transmission, and printing, etc. Only Picasso Multimedia reserves the rights for the alteration and any updates if necessary.

The user is obliged to use our services by the name of Picasso Multimedia with consent as per the law. Further terms and conditions for overseas services are protected by the company.

Service and Content

We ensure that-

A customer has the validation agreement for the content. They are holding the license, consents, and publicity draw for them. The agreement can be terminated on any grounds within the stated period of time. There will not be any liability over the company about the content burglar. There will be an authority on the customers if there will be any alleged situation comes across. Digital access to the website is hand over to the concerned person only after the confirmation of the payment. The payment terms are stated separately and should be followed by customers with reliability. 

Linking to the websites

We do not directly permit any authority to third parties for using the link of the website created by us. There has to be proper consent manifested with the discussion for putting on the link externally. Any party using the links shall be liable to the restrictions stated by us on the usage of the link.

Links from website

We have no control over the other website regarding having the content. All the material published on the website is an independent work, and there are chances of visibility of the same on the other website published online. We try and protect the personal information furnished over the website. Our company does not hold the responsibility of the loss or smash-up of the content anywhere else.

Payment and refund policy

We need to go through truthful and precise information before signing up the contract for our services. The information should consist of payment details to incorporate with us. We get the confirmation of the quote of service once we receive the payment details. We already have stated the pricing policy on our website, but additional services are charged as per an extra amount that varies from customer to customer. The final amount is declared on the agreement. which is sent to the customers before delivering the service. We have reserved all the rights about cancellation and termination of the contract. We may take legal actions if we find any mysterious thing between the payment matters. There will be direct contact made with the bank or the payment sender or legal authorities, or third parties involved, if any.

Cancellation of order

We also have a precise refund policy for any such circumstances. We immediately credit the respective cancellation amount for consequent orders. We utilize a similar method for repayment of the amount to the customers for safety purposes.

We also have the right to cancel the orders if the customer has broken up the affirmed terms and conditions. The prior notice is sent before the actual cancellation of the order.


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